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The Red Dove

The Red Dove

Derek Lambert

ISBN: 9780008268411
Year of publication: 2017

Derek Lambert The Red Dove DEDICATION For Frank and Marsha Taylor, friends and advisers EPIGRAPH The dove descending breaks the air With flame of incandescent terror. T. S. Eliot 18881965 PART ONE Scenario CHAPTER ONE The absurd possibility that he, a Hero of the Soviet Union, could ever become a traitor occurred to Nicolay Talin when he was 150 miles above the surface of the Earth. The absurdity it was surely nothing more was prompted by an announcement over the radio link from Mission ...

Keywords: Cold War Military Thriller Space Shuttle Technothriller
The Glass Lady

The Glass Lady

Douglas Savage

ISBN: 9781589798465
Year of publication: 2014

Douglas Savage The Glass Lady DEAD SPACE Three two one ignition Lt. Commander Jacob Enright checked the monitor directly in front of him on the control panel. Space Shuttle Endeavors Payload Assist Module engine fired its 17,360-pound molten thrust at the lethal weapons satellite LACE on schedule to push it out of continuous orbit. In twenty-five minutes, it would hit the atmosphere in the middle of the Indian Ocean and hit the water as harmless debris soon after. Ignition plus twenty seconds. ...

Keywords: Adventure Literature & Fiction Science Fiction Science Fiction & Fantasy Space Opera Space Shuttle Space-Based Weapons United States