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Gray Shadows

Gray Shadows

Julia Gousseva

ISBN: 9781500804992
Year of publication: 2014

Julia Gousseva GRAY SHADOWS Chapter One Nikolai slipped his Makarov pistol into the shoulder holster, put on his jacket, and stepped outside. He checked the time: a quarter to ten. As agreed, his clients black Audi was parked on the corner. Everything was exactly like it was supposed to be. So far, the only unusual thing that winter morning was the bright sun that enveloped Moscow with a surreal warm glow. He squinted and crossed the street, looking for things out of place, for anything ...

Keywords: Russia suspence
Meyer-Hofmann AG

Meyer-Hofmann AG

Jonathan Allen Taylor

ISBN: 9781370072828
Year of publication: 2016

Jonathan A. Taylor MEYER-HOFMANN AG 1 Crouched in the boat, two figures surveyed the island coastline and prepared for their landing. The cloudless night sky filled the North Atlantic bay with moonlight. A dormant ocean swell heaved upwards, its smooth back broken by the bow wave of the small craft. The sound of the outboard motor, which coughed and sputtered through the cold water, was drowned out by waves breaking over a rapidly approaching shoreline. The light ground fog had been visible from ...

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