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Power Play

Power Play

Rick Campbell

ISBN: 9781250231116
Year of publication: 2019

Rick Campbell Power Play AMERICAN CHARACTERS UNITED STATES ADMINISTRATION Kevin Hardison chief of staff Christine OConnor national security advisor Bill DuBose Colonel senior military aide USS MICHIGAN Ohio class guided missile submarine Crew Murray Wilson Captain Commanding Officer Charlie Eaton Lieutenant Navigator Clif Bradley Lieutenant Junior Officer Jeff Porteous Lieutenant Junior Officer USS MICHIGANSEAL Detachment John McNeil Commander SEAL Team Commander Jake Harrison ...

Keywords: Fiction Military Submarine Fiction Technological Technothriller Thriller
Act of Revenge

Act of Revenge

Dale Brown
Jim DeFelice

ISBN: 9780062411334
Year of publication: 2018

Dale Brown, Jim Defelice Act of Revenge Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils. Milton, Paradise Lost Book IX, lines 17172 Data sheet Important people Louis Messina scientist and entrepreneur, proprietor of Smart Metal, deeply religious lost his hand and his wife in a car accident as a young man never remarried Chelsea Goodman project engineer at Smart Metal genius at math, young, petite, creative Johnny Givens young, athletic FBI agent on Jenkinss task force ...

Keywords: Fiction Political Technological Technothriller Terrorism Thrillers


John J Nance

ISBN: 9781504027991
Year of publication: 2016

John J. Nance Skyhook Dedication To all of the members of the James L. Noel Clan My Extended Family The Honorable Judge James L. Noel, Jr., U.S. District Judge 19091997, Uncle Jim Virginia Grubbs Noel, Esq. 19172000, Aunt Jenny And My Honored Cousins and Cousins-in-Law James L. Noel III Melinda Caldwell Noel Carol Noel King, Esq. J. Stephen King, Esq. Edmund Orr Noel Patrice Oden Noel William D. Noel, Esq. Barbara Wick Noel Robert C. Noel, Esq. Deanne Moore Noel, Esq. ONE MONDAY EVENING ...

Keywords: Aviation Fiction Military Secret Weapon Suspense Technological Technothriller Thriller


James Abel

ISBN: 9780399583667
Year of publication: 2017

James Abel Vector FOR JAMES GRADY DR. NOIR ONE Kyle Utley received the first threat outside the new Post Pub, in Washington, a dark, cool bar on L Street near 15th, popular with National Geographic editors and local softball teams. Inside, on July 10, the White House National Security Team was celebrating a victory over the Senate Committee on Intelligence when the stranger appeared. The Protectors had overcome a 41 deficit to win the division championship. Twelve sweaty men and women sat ...

Keywords: Fiction Medical Military Technological Technothriller Thrillers
Shattered Bone

Shattered Bone

Chris Stewart

ISBN: 9781590772836
Year of publication: 2014

Chris Stewart Shattered Bone DISCLAIMER In accordance with the Joint Ethics Regulation, Chapter 2, para. 2207, the views presented in Shattered Bone are those of the author and do not represent the views of the Department of Defense, its Components, or the United States Air Force. DEDICATION To my wife, the best friend I have ever had, and my children, who remind me every day that life is good. SHATTERED BONE: the code word used to signify the theft, hijacking, or unauthorized flight of a B-1 B ...

Keywords: Action & Adventure Bombers Fiction Military Military Thriller Russia Technological Technothriller Thrillers Ukraine


Daniel Suarez

ISBN: 9780525951117
Year of publication: 2009

Daniel Suarez Daemon PUBLISHERS NOTE This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or ...

Keywords: adventure Computer Programmers Fiction Human-Computer Interaction International Economic Integration Science Fiction Suspense Suspense Fiction Technological Thrillers
The Sleeper Awakes

The Sleeper Awakes

Herbert George Wells

Year of publication: 0

THE SLEEPER AWAKES A Revised Edition of When the Sleeper Wakes H.G. WELLS PREFACE TO THE NEW EDITION When the Sleeper Wakes, whose title I have now altered to The Sleeper Awakes, was first published as a book in 1899 after a serial appearance in the Graphic and one or two American and colonial periodicals. It is one of the most ambitious and least satisfactory of my books, and I have taken the opportunity afforded by this reprinting to make a number of excisions and alterations. Like most of my ...

Keywords: Dystopias -- Fiction London (England) -- Fiction Science Fiction Technological innovations -- Fiction Time travel -- Fiction Twenty-first century -- Fiction
War Plan Red

War Plan Red

Peter Sasgen

ISBN: 9781416509981
Year of publication: 2004

War Plan Red by Peter Sasgen Part One The Plan Chechen Suicide Bombers Kill More Than 1,000 Hostages In Moscow Concert Hall Separatists Press Fight Against Russian Forces MOSCOW RIA-Novosti: 15 SEPTEMBER 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEChechen separatists killed more than a thousand hostages when they blew up the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, home of the State Symphony Orchestra. The hall was packed with 1,600 men, women, and children attending a Rachmaninoff concert. The attack in the Russian capital was ...

Keywords: Espionage Fiction General Technological Thrillers