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The Cryptic Lines

The Cryptic Lines

Richard Storry

ISBN: 9781508488415
Year of publication: 2015

Richard Storry The Cryptic Lines Prologue Ive paid for your sickest fancies Ive humoured your crackdest whim Dick, its your daddy, dying Youve got to listen to him Good for a fortnight, am I The doctor told you He lied. I shall go under by morning, and Put that nurse outside. Never seen death yet, Dickie Well, now is your time to learn, And youll wish you held my record Before it comes to your turn. Rudyard Kipling Chapter 1 1960 A remote coastal location, somewhere in the British Isles The ...

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The Madman's Room

The Madman's Room

Paul Halter

ISBN: 9781545568125
Year of publication: 2017

Paul Halter The Madmans Room PROLOGUE What can one expect to find in a coffin It sometimes happens that its necessary to break ground in a cemetery in order to exhume a body. Its fairly rare, admittedly, and there has to be good reason to do so. When the coffin appears in the light of day under the fixed stares of those present, and feverish hands get ready to raise the lid, the same question is on everyones lips. What are we about to discover In detective novels, such events occur most ...

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The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

Ruth Rendell

ISBN: 9781476784328
Year of publication: 2014

CHAPTER ONE HE WAS A handsome man. A handsome boy, his mother called him, because she started praising his looks when he was five. Before that, he received the compliments children necessarily get: Beautiful baby and Isnt he lovely His father was never there. He left school at fourteen you could then and went to work in a market garden, a slaughterhouse and finally a cosmetic factory. The bosss daughter fell in love with him. He was twenty by then, so they got married. Anitas father said he ...

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Death of a Colonial

Death of a Colonial

Bruce Alexander

ISBN: 9780425177020
Year of publication: 1999

Bruce Alexander Death of a Colonial ONE In which Sir John reveals to me his failures At the age of sixteen, in the year of 1771, I, Jeremy Proctor, could at last say that my education in the law had properly begun. Having read twice through Sir Edward Cokes Instituted of the Law of England and made copious notes, I had been judged by Sir John Fielding to be ready to begin the study and discussion of it with him. This, Sir John confided, was more or less the same process he himself had followed ...

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Last Rites

Last Rites

John Harvey

ISBN: 9781932859614
Year of publication: 1998

John Harvey Last Rites One It was twelve years since shed seen him. Not that she hadnt wanted to, hadnt written to him often enough, in the early days at least, asking him to change his mind. Featherstone, Haverigg, Wandsworth, the Scrubs. Begging him, near enough. Hell get over it with time, shed thought, feeling the way he does. At first she had gone anyway, long journeys, sometimes by car, more usually by train. Not to contravene his word, only to be there, be near him, share something of the ...

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