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Following the Equator

Following the Equator

Mark Twain

Year of publication: 2004

FOLLOWING THE EQUATOR PART 1. CHAPTER I. A man may have no bad habits and have worse. Puddnhead Wilsons New Calendar. The PartyAcross America to VancouverOn Board the WarrimoSteamer ChairsThe CaptainGoing Home under a CloudA Gritty PurserThe Brightest PassengerRemedy for Bad HabitsThe Doctor and the LumbagoA Moral PauperLimited SmokingRemittance-men. The starting point of this lecturing-trip around the world was Paris, where we had been living a year or two. We sailed for America, and there made ...

Keywords: 1835-1910 -- Travel Equator -- Description and travel Mark Twain Voyages around the world