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David Wood
Alan Baxter

Year of publication: 2018

David Wood, Alan Baxter Overlord Praise for the Sam Aston Investigations Renegade marine biologist Sam Aston is back for a second outing in what is shaping up to be a must-read aquatic adventure series Danger and intrigue lurk both above and below in this action-filled, white-knuckle romp with a breathtaking conclusion Rick Chesler, author of Sawfish Everything youd want from a monster story great characters, a remote location and a creature with bite Mixing history and lore with science and ...

Keywords: Adventure Aquatic Monster Creature Horror Mystery Pulp Thriller Underwater Adventure
The Steel Shark

The Steel Shark

Rebecca Cantrell

ISBN: 9781547206438
Year of publication: 2017

Rebecca Cantrell The Steel Shark Dedication For my husband, my son, and the underwater heroes Prologue Munchon naval base, North Korea February 8 They boarded the plane as women, but they left it as men. In full naval uniform, they trooped single file down the stairs onto the frozen runway. The business jets door closed, and the plane taxied toward a turnaround to take off again. Within two hours, the plane would be sinking to the bottom of the Sea of Japan, and they would be presumed dead. Or ...

Keywords: Adventure Mystery Submarine Fiction Submarines Thriller Underwater Adventure


D L Thomas

ISBN: 9781493758166
Year of publication: 2013

D. L. Thomas Backlash To Heidi, Madison, and Quentin for their never-ending love and support. Chapter 1 LEWIS Quinn Lewiss lean, muscular body exploded from the water like a trident missile launched from a barely-submerged submarine. His lungs went into overdrive as every muscle in his body screamed for more oxygen. The thundering just behind his heels told him that his pursuers were right with him, and wouldnt be giving up. Lewiss legs pumped harder and harder as he sprinted the last ten yards ...

Keywords: Adventure Historical Mysteries Rock Climbing Thriller Treasure Treasure Hunter Underwater Adventure