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Pontypool Changes Everything

Pontypool Changes Everything

Tony Burgess

ISBN: 9781550228816
Year of publication: 2009

Tony Burgess PONTYPOOL CHANGES EVERYTHING A Novel For my girls Camille and Rachel with gratitude to Bruce McDonald ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Rachel Jones, who makes everything possible. I love you. Everyone at ECW and Shadow Shows. My brother Bruce McDonald. Griffin, who laughs at Camille. And Camille, who loves boobs-stickin-out Barbie. Importantly, for support: Jane, Kate, Tim, Barb, Andrew, Kelly, AJ, Jesse, Krista, Susan, David, Pia, John Edith, Pat, Bruce, Erica, Paige, Emily, Jake, and my dear ...

Keywords: Canadian Fiction City and Town Life - Canada Viruses Zombies