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C V Hunt

ISBN: 9781941918302
Year of publication: 2018

C.V. Hunt COCKBLOCK In Memory of Cooper Gordon For Andy Chapter 1 I kept my focus on the traffic and caught a glance of the infamous flashing red and blue lights of a police car ahead. The police vehicle was parked on the grassy median dividing the six lanes of the highway. Most of the brake lights of the cars in front of me in the northbound lane illuminated. I sighed heavily and pushed my brake, knowing there was an accident. Six oclock on a Friday evening was always a crapshoot and a ...

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The 7th Ghost Story Megapack

The 7th Ghost Story Megapack

Fletcher Flora
Guy de Maupassant
Frank Belknap Long
Emil Petaja
Eleanor F Lewis
S R Crockett
Talmage Powell
Frederick P Schrader
Arnold M Anderson
Mabel Howard
John Kendrick Bangs
George J Rawlins
Lafcadio Hearn
Thomas Ingoldsby

Year of publication: 2016

The 7th Ghost Story MEGAPACK A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER Welcome to The Seventh Ghost Story MEGAPACK Once more we have a wide-ranging assortment of supernatural fiction, with setting across the worldEurope, the Americas, Asiaand across the centuries. You will note that we have a larger than normal number of Anonymous stories. No, the authors werent embarrassed by their contributions. Victorian-era literary magazines and newspapers often ran fiction without crediting the author, or with only vague ...

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A Cursed Embrace

A Cursed Embrace

Cecy Robson

Year of publication: 2013

A Cursed Embrace Weird Girls 2 by Cecy Robson To Jamie, my husband and best friend, and to our children, who honor me with more love and happiness than I deserve. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This story of love and exploding demon parts would not have been possible without the talents of my editor, Jhanteigh Kupihea, and the members of the Penguin team. Jhanteigh, thank you for taking a chance on me, and for your laughter and tearsthe good kind, I mean To my beragent and friend, Nicole Resciniti. Nic, you ...

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