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The Billionaire's Vinegar

The Billionaire's Vinegar

Benjamin Wallace

ISBN: 9780307410306
Year of publication: 2008

Benjamin Wallace THE BILLIONAIRES VINEGAR The Mystery of the Worlds Most Expensive Bottle of Wine To my parents, and in memory of Claire Wickham Woodroffe CHAPTER 1 LOT 337 A HUSH HAD COME OVER THE WEST ROOM. PHOTOGRAPHERS flashes strobed the standing-room-only crowd silently, and the lone sound was the crisp voice of the auctioneer. To the world, Michael Broadbent projected a central-casting British cool, but under the bespoke suit, he was practicing a kind of mind control that calmed him in ...

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Summer Morning, Summer Night

Summer Morning, Summer Night

Ray Douglas Bradbury

ISBN: 9781596063068
Year of publication: 2010

RAY BRADBURY SUMMER MORNING, SUMMER NIGHT Edited by Donn Albright, Pratt Institute and Jon Eller, Indiana University A Note on the Text The text for End of Summer is based on the version collected by Bradbury in Driving Blind 1997. The texts of all other previously published stories in this collection are based on the earliest published versions. I am grateful to David Spiech, my colleague at Indiana Universitys Institute for American Thought, for copy editing this volume. To Jon Eller with ...

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