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Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti

ISBN: 9780595259359
Year of publication: 2003

Jacqueline Druga DUST For caring, sharing and showing so much interest. For also being a tremendous sense of support. With all my love, I dedicate this story to my son, Drew. Like the tides roll in, the sun rises, without a doubt, we will all turn to dust. Introduction It all turned to dust. Without a second to comprehend the reality of it, the world exploded. Earth and all its inhabitants did not literally evaporate from existence, but the way of life for mankind did. How long ago it occurred ...

Keywords: World War III


Robert Forrest-Webb

ISBN: 9780708821503
Year of publication: 1982

Bob Forrest-Webb CHIEFTAINS AUTHORS NOTE British army signal communications are both complex and classified To assist the reader, and maintain security, these have been modified throughout the book but still represent the methods and procedures used, with acceptable inaccuracy. Technical data concerning weapons, vehicles and equipment is based on information at present available from military sources, and speculation on possible but as yet undeveloped weapons has been avoided. I have honoured ...

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