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Sunbathing in Siberia

Sunbathing in Siberia

Michael A Oliver-Semenov

ISBN: 9781910409077
Year of publication: 2014

M. A. Oliver-Semenov SUNBATHING IN SIBERIA: A MARRIAGE OF EAST AND WEST IN POST-SOVIET RUSSIA To everyone living in Russia, everyone living outside of Russia, and everyone in-between. PART I a. Aeroflot Flight SU0242. March 29th 2011. London Moscow Jaffa Cake: A round soft sponge type thing topped with orange coloured jelly and covered in a thin layer of chocolate. How was anyone supposed to know a Jaffa is an orange when it doesnt say so on the box It said Jaffa Cakes, meaning that Jaffa was ...

Keywords: Europe Historical Russia and Former Soviet Republics Travel Writing
The Fine Art of Writing the Next Best Seller on Kindle

The Fine Art of Writing the Next Best Seller on Kindle

Omar Johnson

Year of publication: 2013

Omar Johnson The Fine Art Of Writing The Next Best Seller On Kindle Introduction Amazon and its tiny little gadget the Kindle has totally galvanized and revolutionized the entire publishing industry. No longer do authors have to be at the mercy of the big publishing houses like Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins etc. to get their books out to the masses. The Kindle and Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing program a platform that enables authors to self publish their books and make them ...

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