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Martin the Warrior [Redwall 6]

Martin the Warrior [Redwall 6]

Brian Jacques

ISBN: 9780441001866
Year of publication: 1993

Amid the deep white winter snow, Sleeps Mossflowr until spring, While snug in Cavern Hole below, All Redwalls creatures sing. Old autumn gave us plenty, Our harvest did not fail, No plate or jug is empty, Theres good October ale. Three young creatures, the otter twins Bagg and Runn, accompanied by Grubb, their molefriend, hauled a small beech log between them along the path to Redwall Abbey. The intrepid trio kept stopping to clear away the snowdrift building up in front of the log as they ...

Keywords: & Animals Epic Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Fiction Fantasy Fiction for Young Adults Fiction General Juvenile Fiction Magic Mice; Hamsters; Guinea Pigs; Etc
Reaping Me Softly

Reaping Me Softly

Kate Evangelista

ISBN: 9781623429126
Year of publication: 2012

Kate Evangelista REAPING ME SOFTLY To Marilyn, the best momager ever, for loving me unconditionally Chapter 1 DEAD PEOPLE DEATH SAT AT HIS DESK wearing on his androgynous face a scowl that could level a whole mountain range. Not many thought of him as breathtaking. Well, not many lived long enough to see his true face: one surrounded by golden locks that reached his chin. If they did, maybe theyd die smiling. But, with the human population swelling to six billion and counting, Death barely had ...

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